About de Box From Japan

☆ Who, how and why?

☆     ¿Who?

Hello, my name is Javier Kobayashi, Argentinian, designer, Italian descendant from father and Japanese from mother, CEO and person responsible for "BoxFromJapan"

Box From Japan is handled in the Kansai area, namely Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara, we can say that it is the most "Latin" area in all of Japan, people talk to you loudly, ask you questions on the street without even To know you, are mostly very friendly and certainly very different from the rest of the Japanese in Japan.

Sometimes the image that exists of how they are and act the Japanese is different in the world. Having the possibility of knowing the two sides of the coin I want to bring you a little closer to this millenary and wonderful culture through these small daily details such as sweets or ramen and the whole J-POP culture everyday and make them feel a little more Near Japan and their day-to-day customs.

☆     How?

Box From Japan provides a monthly service of sweets, Pokemon ramen and many more products, our local staff is in charge of selecting the best and newest candies that circulate in the market, always trying to make a balance in each box that we send. The balance is thinking in terms of how many gummys, chocolates, candy and DIY snacks we will put in each box, also of course thinking about the best combination of flavors and variety of them. Always be careful not to repeat the goodies that we will send every month in each box.

With regard to the "Ramen" after years of experience swallowing them we will take care of bringing to you every month the most select and delicious instant Ramen that are consumed today here. For those who have not tried them, they are really rich and I do not tell them because I run this site, they really are addictive!

We will also include it in our Udon or Soba boxes. We prepare the box to be delivered directly to your door every month. No Shipping Cost!

☆     Why?

We have a reputation for more than 2 years on the Subscription business and we know exactly what do you and do not like about Japanese candies.

We understand that some other companies like us are managed by Japanese and sometimes due this lead of a misunderstanding with the taste of western consumers.